Examples of Well-Composed/Unacceptable Photos

In order to submit an acceptable photo to MyPhoto, clear and correctly exposed photos must be submitted with your application - See the following examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos to ensure that the photographs you submit are correct.

No Hats Correct No Sunglasses Correct
Unacceptable faces Correct Too Far Correct
Over Exposed Correct Too Close Correct
No Shadows in Background Correct Too Far Correct
Glare on Glasses Correct Head Not Facing Camera Correct
No Shadows in Background Correct Background Not Plain Correct
Low Quality: Discernible Pixels Correct Low Quality: Visible Coarse Dot Pattern Correct
Poorly Focused Correct Photo Too Dark Correct
Contrast Too High Correct Improper Color Correct
Shadows on Face Correct Poorly Focused Correct